We are on a mission to redefine success in business

For the past two years, Conscious Capitalism Seattle has shared the message “let’s redefine success in business.” In year one, we gathered local conscious business leaders at in-person events, interviewed exemplars such as Howard Behar of Starbucks, Molly Moon of Molly Moon Ice Cream and others. In year two, we reached out to more of you through the production of our podcast, The Decision, bringing on business leaders from companies such as Alaska Airlines and Microsoft to explore the practical application of the four pillars of Conscious Capitalism.

At Conscious Capitalism Seattle, we are now redefining our success as an organization. We have heard from you that these ideals need to be supported by the economic system we operate within.  As the current economic reality leaves a continually larger percentage of the population without the resources to become consumers of your businesses products and services, success is diminished for all.

In 2018, we are committed to support a non-partisan, evolution of our outdated economic system.  The Conscious Capitalism movement is rooted in questioning the “profit over people” assumption in driving the success of a business.  The pressing concern is now to challenge this assumption in the economic system our businesses operate within.

What are we proposing?

As a first step, we recommend you listening to our recent interview with Nick Hanauer on The Decision. Books such as “The Origin of Wealth” and “Debunking Economics” also provide a path for our journey together.

In the coming months watch for invitations to get involved and co-create the evolution of our current economic system.  Together we can lift up humanity through business. Join us.